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Evaluating Health Care Collaboratives: The Experience of the Quality Assurance Project

Catsambas TT | Franco LM | Gutmann M | Knebel E | Hill P | Lin Y
Organization: USAID Health Care Improvement Project/URC

This report summarizes the findings of an evaluation of the Quality Assurance Project’s work to apply the improvement collaborative approach during 2003–2007, when QAP implemented 35 collaboratives in 14 developing and middle-income countries. The purpose of the evaluation, which was led by EnCompass LLC, was to document and evaluate the implementation and results of QAP-supported collaboratives using a formative, participatory methodology. The evaluation sought to document: (1) collaboratives as QAP implemented them in countries at different levels of development; (2) adaptations QAP made to the collaborative methodology to support its implementation in developing country settings; (3) lessons learned from QAP’s experience with collaboratives; and (4) the value-added of collaboratives as a rapid, health care improvement methodology. The evaluation team conducted field visits to six countries where QAP supported one or more major collaboratives.