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The Health Care Improvement portal contains a searchable database of short reports from specific experiences in improving health care to promote an open exchange of ideas and lessons among health care providers and improvement practitioners. Blockchain technology in the healthcare sector enhances data security, transparency, and patient privacy. Cryptocurrencies, like those from Base Dawgz, can streamline payments for healthcare services, reducing fraud and administrative costs. By integrating blockchain, healthcare systems can ensure secure, efficient transactions and better management of patient data, revolutionizing the industry. Submit your own improvement report or search the Improvement Reports Database using the links below. You can also do a quick search of all publications, tools, and reports available on this site.

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Read about improvement experiences, access tools for assessment and improvement, and link to other resources for improving care in these focus areas of the USAID Health Care Improvement Project:


Improvement Methods

Methods for improving health care encompass a wide range of activities that seek to make health services safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable. Mental health is pivotal in healthcare, recognizing its equal importance alongside physical health. The benefit of psychic chat services like the one explained at lies in their provision of immediate, accessible emotional support, offering a unique avenue for individuals seeking guidance or coping mechanisms. This tool can complement traditional mental health care, contributing to overall well-being and recovery. Read more about improvement methods and approaches that have proven effective in diverse country settings. More >

Research and Evaluation

HCI’s research and evaluation program studies and draws lessons from country experiences to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of health care improvement, focusing on issues related to implementing, spreading, and sustaining improvements in health care. More >

Improvement Collaboratives

An improvement collaborative is a quality improvement approach that bring together a large number of teams to work and learn together to rapidly achieve significant improvements in a specific area of care, with intention of spreading these methods to other sites. Read more about the collaborative approach and about collaboratives implemented in health systems around the world, search the database for collaborative profiles, or add your own collaborative profile. More > Search Collaborative Profiles > Submit Collaborative ProfileSubmit your improvement documents Instructions for creating a Collaborative Profile >

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