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Initiatives Inc.

Organization: Initiatives Inc.

Initiatives Inc. has over 20 years of experience working in human resources for health, management strengthening and quality assurance worldwide. Providing technical assistance to governments, NGOs and intergovernmental organizations, Initiatives focuses on practical approaches to improving primary health care systems, scaling-up HIV/AIDS initiatives, building better reproductive health and family planning programs, initiating innovative safer motherhood programs, and strengthening child health initiatives. Initiatives’ operations research and evaluations have provided valuable insights into human resources problems, HIV and reproductive health program needs, infection control and health system service delivery and management and have contributed to creative solutions in these diverse fields.

Providing technical leadership in workforce development for the HCI Project, Initiatives leads the HCI strategy to strengthen and improve human resource systems by involving health care workers, their communities, supervisors, and decision-makers in developing testing, and implementing practical and sustainable solutions.  The project applies QI approaches to solve health sector human resources problems faced by developing countries, especially at the facility and district levels. QI approaches are especially appropriate for strengthening human resources at the peripheral level, since experience shows that QI work empowers health workers to make changes to improve care and increases health workers’ sense of professionalism and job satisfaction. HCI’s approach focuses on improving health care quality through health worker engagement, team-based performance management, and increased productivity.