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Evaluation of a Ministry of Health ART Training Workshop in Uganda

Katz K | Stuart L | Akol A | Tagoola A | Wamala P | Headley J
Organization: USAID Health Care Improvement Project/URC

Topics: Antiretroviral therapy/ART/ARV, HIV/AIDS basic care and support, HIV/AIDS

Region and Country: Uganda

Family Health International

In the fall of 2009, Family Health International (FHI), in collaboration with University Research Co., LLC (URC) and the Uganda (MOH) conducted an evaluation of an MOH training workshop on the patient management of ART took place on September 14-23, 2009 in Soroti, Uganda. The evaluation targeted nurses and midwives who participated in the workshop and focused on the ART chronic care portion of the training.  The overall objective of the evaluation was to provide information to the MOH on participant knowledge and practices related to the ART chronic care portion of the training for nurses and midwives six weeks post training. The evaluation used a combination of surveys and in-depth interviews to measure trainee knowledge and practice. Thirty-five participants showed up for the training, but five were sent home because they had already attended a similar training, and another five did not complete the pre-training scenario, resulting in a final pre-training sample of 25. Many of the trainees who completed the workshop were not able to apply what they had learned because their facilities were not yet eligible to provide ART or had not yet received ARVs.  The average post-training knowledge score of 64% and scenario score of 67% are reasonably good though show there is still a need for improvement.