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The quality of supervisor-provider interactions in Zimbabwe

Kim YM | Tavrow P | Malianga L | Simba S | Phiri A
Organization: Quality Assurance Project/URC

Region and Country: Africa, Sub Saharan, Zimbabwe


This report presents the results of a formative study that describes and quantifies the quality of supervisor-provider interactions throughout Zimbabwe in 1999. Using a participatory approach, a set of instruments for structured observations was developed, which included the audio-taping of supervisor-provider interactions, recording of all supervisory activities, and interviews with supervisors and supervisees. Sixteen district-level government, municipality, and Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council supervisors from four provinces participated in the study. Overall, it was determined that the primary strengths of supervisors included providing feedback on technical standards, discussing and analyzing data, and developing rapport with the providers. On the other hand, supervisors required improvement in making suggestions, seeking client input, addressing problems with the providers, and building upon previous supervisory visits. None of the participating supervisors met the predetermined expectations associated with exemplary performance. Specific recommendations about the way in which quality of supervision in Zimbabwe could be improved were cited and were distributed to the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare.