Rwanda human resources assessment for HIV / AIDS services scale-up. Summary report | USAID Health Care Improvement Portal
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Rwanda human resources assessment for HIV / AIDS services scale-up. Summary report

Furth R | Gass R | Kagubare J
Organization: Quality Assurance Project/URC

Region and Country: Africa, Sub Saharan, Rwanda


As the international community rallies funds to support the expansion of HIV/AIDS services in the developing world, the health human resources crisis presents a significant challenge to achieving HIV/AIDS service delivery goals. This is especially true of countries in sub-Saharan Africa where, in the last 30 years, the health workforce has declined relative to population growth, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic has intensified health service needs. This report addresses health human resources issues related to HIV/AIDS services scale-up in Rwanda, but must be understood in the context of broader health human resources constraints. Any attempt to address HIV/AIDS service delivery needs will impact all health services. The staffing shortages identified in this report represent system-wide shortages, not only HIV/AIDS service delivery shortages. The Government of Rwanda is committed to providing its population with required HIV/AIDS health services. At the time this study was conducted, HIV prevalence in Rwanda was estimated at 8.9% of adults. To meet the urgent needs of Rwandans for HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment, the Ministry of Health aims to scale-up HIV/AIDS service provision to treat 100,000 clients with ART by 2007. More than 15 donor agencies have contributed over $100 million to assist the Government of Rwanda in financing and coordinating the rapid scale-up of HIV/AIDS services. (excerpt)