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Zambia pilot study of performance-based incentives

Furth R
Organization: Quality Assurance Project/URC

Region and Country: Africa, Sub Saharan, Zambia


The purpose of the Performance-based Incentives Pilot Study was to develop and test a process for motivating staff and increasing performance by offering rewards for position contributions within the healthcare facility. The study was framed by three primary objectives:

  • To test the effects of both financial and non-financial rewards on healthcare worker motivation
  • To examine the impact of performance-based rewards on overall health center performance
  • To analyze the effectiveness of selected health indicators.

The study was broken down into the following three phases:

  • Phase One or Study Preparation
    • Consisted of developing the study design, defining indicators, creating guidelines for receiving rewards, performing district, orientations and collecting baseline data
  • Phase Two or Implementation
    • Spanned the time during which districts implemented the performance-based incentives program
  • Phase Three or Analysis and Reporting
    • Included the analysis of staff motivation surveys and health center indicators.